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The onset of the disease occurs more often after reaching 50 years of age:

Gynecomastia surgery cost Rajahmundry – Although this condition can occur at any age in a man, it occurs in most candidates between the ages of 50 and 69. At least thirty percent of men in this age group have male breast enlargement. Older men are at increased risk due to increased chances of hormone deficiency, and few have a daily habit of taking prescribed medications such as antiandrogens and certain medications, according to medical research and research. the heart.

Aside from the elderly, adolescents are also prone to gynecomastia, although many of these cases have naturally subsided over time. If the condition does not go away on its own, a surgical candidate must go under the knife to remove the breast tissue. In the adolescent phase, almost fifty to sixty percent of adolescents experience the condition of developed breast tissue which, if it does not go away naturally, must be treated surgically.

Hormones play an important role:

The majority of people believe that this condition only occurs in overweight people. In reality, however, excess fat is not the only cause of the unusual growth of the male breast area. Indeed, in some cases, this condition is not just the extra growth of fat around a man’s chest; It is actually the development of breast tissue. Excessive development of the mammary glands is caused by the imbalance of male and female hormones. Applicants with higher estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels are more likely to develop male breasts.

Certain types of endocrine problems, prescription drugs, and excessive alcohol consumption are all linked to the symptom of male breast tissue. When it comes to drinking alcohol, it can lead to liver damage.

Surgery is the best way to correct the condition:

If the condition of the enlarged breasts is only caused by the accumulation of excess fat tissue, most cosmetic surgeons recommend that candidates try different types of exercise and eating habits to improve the condition. If the condition does not go away using these non-surgical methods, you can go under the surgical knife to reduce the fat. The true form of gynecomastia, on the other hand, can only be removed with the help of surgery to remove the tissue from the mammary gland. However, some believe that correcting the hormonal imbalance can improve the condition of enlarged male breasts, but for many men, cosmetic surgery is the only reliable way to treat the disease.

There are different types of surgery to treat the disease. For example, applicants with excess fatty tissue disease may benefit from an advanced form of cosmetic fat reduction surgery which is a minimally invasive method of treating the disease. In some cases, more severe conditions require a surgical approach combined with fat reduction surgery, as well as the removal of excess tissue and a breast lift to remove excess and sagging skin and tissue. The reduction procedure is quite similar to that of the breast minimization procedure.

However, a candidate cannot obtain the most beneficial and appropriate course of surgery if he contacts a well-trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon who knows how to treat candidates with overgrown breast area. Contact the surgeons at Harley Body Clinic for the best help possible for gynecomastia surgery.

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