Many men have gynecomastia surgery without knowing all the risks involved. Many doctors downplay those risks in the hope of getting more paying customers. The potential risks of surgery aren’t the only things doctors are hiding. Here are the things doctors don’t want you to now about Gynecomastia surgery cost Vijayawada:

  • There are many potential risks to having gynecomastia plastic surgery. These risks include:
    • Scarring of your chest tissue
    • Dents and bumps on your chest
    • Asymmetry between the two sides of the chest
    • Infection (which may be severe)
    • Internal hemorrhages
  • There is a great chance that you will require an additional surgery. If the first surgery isn’t a complete success, you may need an additional operation which means that you will need to go through a second recovery period.
  • Many men believe that as soon as the operation is over they’ll be able to enjoy their new flat chest. This isn’t so. You will need to wear bandages and undergo a long recovery period until your chest heals completely.
  • Surgery isn’t painless. It is in fact very painful. You’re going to have your chest cut open, consider that. The recovery period may also be painful as your chest slowly heals.
  • There are other Gynecomastia treatments out there. Most doctors will not tell you this, but there are special diet & fitness programs which can eliminate your male breasts. And there are also Gynecomastia pills which naturally burn off your chest fat.

Gynecomastia Problems

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