Gynecomastia surgery cost Siddipet – It is not uncommon to hear people considering gynecomastia plastic surgery as the first corrective option for male breasts, a rather disturbing condition. On the other hand, the same people don’t consider this type of surgery as purely cosmetic. Yes, it is cosmetic in nature since there are no known health risks that are brought about by gynecomastia. This type of surgery takes the form of glandular excision and liposuction in a combinatory manner.

The excision is done in a hole near the nipple. Many surgeons sound warning signals to people who are told that liposuction alone can bring an end to gynecomastia. The reason why many people fall into the trap of being exposed to liposuction alone is because it leaves only a small scar. This is not the case with glandular excision, in which case very big scar that is permanent is left on the chest.

Liposuction and Glandular Excision Procedures Gynecomastia Siddipet

Gynecomastia plastic surgery is done using a general or local anesthesia. The first step is a liposuction procedure whose role is to remove all the fatty components on the breast. The next step is making a very small incision on the lower extreme of the areola. Here, the glandular tissue that extends right under the arm is removed.
A suction drain should be inserted within the first few days immediately after the gynecomastia plastic surgery in order to deal with any retention of fluids. The dissolvable stitches that are used will require you to be wearing a very constrictive vest some few weeks after the surgery. This is to prevent the skin from shrinking.

The Surgeon’s Instructions before the Surgery Gynecomastia Siddipet

Some few weeks before the surgery takes place, the surgeon insists that you stay away from any forms of anabolic steroids. The reason for this is that they greatly increase chances of complications occurring after the gynecomastia plastic surgery. One of these complications is clotting of blood and an increase in blood pressure. Some anabolic steroids also lead to alteration of liver enzymes and this may have very negative effects on anesthesia.

The doctor should also go through your entire medical history and see if gynecomastia plastic surgery might the right option for you. This is the only way through which some possibilities will be ruled out. A clear understanding of your problem is the only way through which the doctor will understand the kind of problem that he is trying to solve through gynecomastia plastic surgery.