Gynecomastia surgery cost in Puttaparthi – When I first started looking for ways to cure my gynecomastia, I was bombarded with information overload from the internet. I couldn’t tell which resources were valid. After much careful research, I’ve found many classes of gynecomastia medication that are readily available. In this article I will tell you what gynecomastia medications you can use, their side effects and how you can start using them as soon as possible to reduce your chest fat. I am now “man boobs” free. The information below will help cure your gynecomastia as well.

Taxmoxifen – Gynecomastia Treatment  Puttaparthi

Taxmoxifen is a drug that is used treat breast cancer victims. This is an extreme medication and although it is mentioned here first, I recommend this as a last resort for gynecomastia medication. Taxmoxifen is the general name of the drug but you can find it marketed under many different names. Nolvadex is a marketed drug that is a variant of Taxmoxifen.

You will need to see your doctor if you want this prescribed and under most circumstances, your physician will recommend alternate medications before going down this route. That’s because Taxmoxifen has many side effects. The side effects include losing your sex drive and impotency so weigh that with your Gynecomastia discomfort.


If you’re just starting to think about using medication for your gynecomastia, Gynexin is the first drug to try. It is a supplement that uses natural ingredients to elevate testosterone levels, speed up your metabolism and burn chest fat. I am a big advocate of this one.