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What is the cost of Gynecomastia surgery Nizamabad

In India the cost ranges from (Cost of Gynecomastia surgery in Nizamabad) ✅ Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000 depending on the amount of Fat Or Gland to be removed, sculpting needed, the technology used, and other miscellaneous expenses. ✅ Pay in Monthly Option Available and ✅ Insurance

Limitations Apart from normal risks associated with cosmetic surgery during recovery you may witness In most cases, correction of Gynecomastia is May be eligible for insurance coverage but various finance agencies provide easy (Available EMI – Zero EMI PAY MONTHLY ) facility as well. average cost of gynecomastia surgery in Nizamabad

30% Get low Cost + Pay in Monthly + Health Insurance + Cashless 

Manorama Hospital

beside LIC Building, Yellammagutta, Nizamabad

Gynecomastia surgery cost Nizambad: 65,000

 HOPE Super Speciality Hospital

Kumar Galli, Near JJ Reddy X Road Pochamma

 Hospital Gynecomastia surgery cost: 65,000

Medicover Hospitals Nizamabad

beside LIC Building, Yellammagutta, Nizamabad

 Hospital Gynecomastia surgery cost: 65,000

Hyd                     Average Price:Rs. 50,000 Staring Price: Rs. 55,000 Price upto: Rs. 90,000

Nizamabad        Average Price:Rs. 60,000 Staring Price: Rs. 50,000 Price upto: Rs. 80,000

Does the condition threaten life?

In the opinion of most medical experts, gynecomastia is not fatal in at least 99.9% of cases, because this disease does not pose an immediate health risk. Most cases of male enlargement diagnosed in men are due to hormonal imbalance or excessive fat accumulation, and both diseases can be cured. However, very few cases of male breasts are due to serious underlying diseases such as tumors.

However, this condition profoundly affects the aesthetic appearance of an applicant, so that they tend to lose confidence, have no interest in social gatherings, participate in sports or physical activities, and more importantly, that boy is a female figure a. A similar appearance is also intimidated and ridiculed by his peers. To eliminate both physical and psychological complaints, a candidate should consult an expert as soon as possible.

Identification of the true form of the condition:

Not all breast enlargements in men are called the true form of male breasts. Before delving into other aspects of the disease, you need to understand the difference between pseudogynecomastia and the actual state of male breast augmentation. One of the most common misconceptions is that all breast enlargements in men are due to the growth of breast tissue. In the real case of developed breast tissue, the growth of breast tissue under and around a candidate areola and nipple creates the external appearance of breast augmentation. As already mentioned, however, not all cases of breast enlargement are caused by the development of glandular tissue.

Another common cause of male breast formation is the excessive buildup of stubborn breast fat around the areola and nipple area of a candidate, creating the visual appearance of enlarged male breasts. If the condition was caused by an accumulation of breast fat, you must first adjust the right fitness and nutrition plan to reduce excess weight. If none of the non-surgical fat reduction procedures work for a candidate, a breast reduction surgical procedure for men will need to be performed which will help remove excess fat accumulated in the male breast area.

The real form of the male breast, on the other hand, is usually caused by the overgrowth of breast tissue, and this condition usually affects men of any group, and the candidate’s breast tissue swells up to his body due to an estrogen and testosterone imbalance.

Testosterone is generally the dominant hormone in men and controls all male traits such as muscle growth and the appearance of hair.

Possible symptoms of this disease:

The first symptom of this condition is that there is a piece of breast tissue under the nipple and in some cases. Chest tension and tenderness may result. Some candidates also see how the areola increases in diameter. In rare cases, a candidate may experience pain in the breast area and the enlargement may affect both the breasts and only one. In some cases, a candidate may experience asymmetry between the two breasts.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, certain lifestyle habits also contribute to the formation of male breasts. For example, excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs and tobacco often triggers the disease. The use of certain herbal remedies like tea tree oil, lavender oil has also been linked to the state of breast swelling.

Whatever the reason, treating the disease at the right time is very important and you should speak up for the disease instead of hiding it from the world. Determining the true condition is only possible after an initial consultation with an expert in breast reduction. One should not ignore the need to choose the most efficient and experienced surgeon when it comes to eliminating the undesirable condition of enlarged male breasts.

In cosmetology, the number of surgical clinics and surgical specialists has skyrocketed over time. It is therefore somewhat difficult for a candidate to find the best gynecomastia surgeon. Contact the aesthetic experts at the Harley Body Clinic involved in gynecomastia surgery for some time.

Gynecomastia in Nizamabad What is Gynecomastia Male Chest Reduction Surgery?

Gynecomastia also is known as “man boobs” is the enlargement of male breast tissues. Nearly 40% to 60% of men suffer from Gynaecomastia. It is common in boys in puberty and in older men. Hormonal imbalance is the most prominent reason behind Gynaecomastia. However, sometimes obesity, genetic factors or medications may also be the reason behind it. Find Gynecomastia surgery results bellow.

Gynecomastia Male Breast Symptoms:

It is very difficult to identify the symptoms of Gynecomastia. Men suffering from this problem have firm rubbery mass under their nipples. The substance might sometimes feel softer and often have some fluid discharge from it.

Men suffering from this problem have firm rubbery mass under their nipples.

The substance might sometimes feel softer and often have some fluid discharge from it.

Eligibility for Male Breast Reduction:

Men who have comparatively heavier breasts, that make them feel embarrassed, often opt for the surgery to reduce the sizes of their breasts.