Gynecomastia surgery cost Narayanpet – There may be times whenever a boy feels as if his breast are getting larger and commonly, this is a result of fat deposits in the area because of an individual being overweight. There is also a problem that occurs from time to time in both boys and men that is known as gynecomastia, or man boobs. Although the causes of gynecomastia are fairly well known, the treatment can vary from individual to individual.

The basic causes of gynecomastia come about as a result of an imbalance in the testosterone and estrogen levels in a male. Typically, a boy who enters into puberty is going to begin to produce testosterone which will help him to develop into a man. If there is too much estrogen present, several different side effects can take place, one of which is gynecomastia. Some of the other causes of gynecomastia can occur as a result of certain types of medication that an individual may be taking. There can also be a variety of different health conditions which can trigger the growth of the male breasts as well.

You are going to need to get to the bottom of the causes of gynecomastia in your particular case before you are able to effectively treat it. The treatment can vary and may include anything from hormone treatments to dietary changes or perhaps even surgery in some cases. Your doctor will be able to discuss any of the different treatment options that may be available for you so that you can effectively overcome the problem.