Gynecomastia treatment Mulugu Puberty can be a stressful time as the body goes through so many different changes and your hormones are everywhere. One thing that can affect young boys going through puberty is pubertal gynecomastia and it can often leave them feeling ashamed and embarrassed. It may even make them feel so bad that they stop doing things that other people their age do and in that way, it can be very restricting.

Overall, gynecomastia can cause young boys to be very embarrassed by this condition though their parents are sometimes unaware of it. One of the worst things is that it can go on for a long time, so how do you know when pubertal gynecomastia is present and is there anything you can do to treat it?

How Many Adolescent Boys go Through Pubertal Gynecomastia? 

If you are a teen boy going through gynecomastia (male breasts), you should know it is something that is quite common and, in most cases, it will eventually go away. Gynecomastia can happen during puberty because of hormonal balance problems and glandular tissue and fat can form round the breast area. Gynecomastia surgery cost Mulugu

The breasts can become enlarged and that can leave the person feeling embarrassed and not very confident because of it. It can affect up to 40% of younger boys during puberty and, usually, it happens under the age of 14. This can be normal during puberty, but it still is wise to get a check up from the doctor just to make sure that there is nothing else that could be causing it.

Can Teens do anything About This Condition? Gynecomastia Mulugu

Puberty can make the body change in so many different ways and it affects everyone differently. But what a lot of adolescent boys share and what is a common problem, is the build-up of fat and glandular tissue around the breast. There is nothing a young boy can do about it occurring and it can simply come as a secondary problem in puberty.

The reason behind this is the hormonal imbalance of testosterone and estrogen. For a parent of a child going through this, it is best to try to reassure them as much as possible. Speak to a doctor to get your child examined to see if it is pubertal and not something else that is causing it. They will talk over the options with you and your child and they will keep you reassured about this condition.

When Should a Teen Seek Medical Advice?

As you know, it can be quite normal for teen boys to get pubertal gynecomastia, but it should be monitored. In most cases, this will go away on it’s own without any treatment, but if it is still there after three years, this is when you need to either see the doctor again or a plastic surgeon.

If your child does have pubertal gynecomastia, it is best to only use a plastic surgeon if it is stopping your child from living normally because of constant stress and that it is the last option only after all natural alternatives have been considered. Gynecomastia cost Mulugu