What Causes Human Breasts?

Life can bring embarrassing moments on your way and if you are a man with gynecomastia (male breasts) you know exactly how true this statement can be. Male breasts can be slightly enlarged or adult breasts of different sizes in between. Whatever your current condition, if you have male breasts, you are probably only one thing to get rid of! To resolve the problem, you must first know what is causing it. Hormonal imbalance There are several reasons why men may have an enlarged breast, but the underlying cause is usually a decrease in testosterone and an increase in estrogen. This type of hormonal imbalance is not as unusual as you might imagine and is caused by several different things. The three most common causes are:

• weight gain

• Exposure to hormone-altering chemicals

• Basic hormonal change condition

Nowadays, the most common reason for hormonal imbalance and the resulting breasts in men is exposure to chemicals that modify hormones. One in three men suffer from breast enlargement because the hormone changes their exposure to chemicals. Chemical Exposure You will be surprised how many different products contain hormone-altering chemicals all around you. Deodorant, foods, food containers, shampoos, cologne and cleaning agents may contain chemicals such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and BPA. You want to start the breast loss process by limiting exposure to these common chemicals. The good news is that many governments are taking steps to remove these chemicals from consumer goods. However, it will take a few years for the transition to end. This means that you have to be proactive with the products you use. Weight Often, the only thing you need to do to lose men’s breasts is to lose the extra weight that you have gained.

This requires a commitment to good nutrition and exercise. If you take the time to eat properly and exercise more, you can lose extra weight and balance the hormonal imbalances that occur frequently. Start slowly if necessary by eliminating junk food and carbonated drinks and adding a nice walk after dinner every day. It is also a good idea to add a vitamin diet to balance your hormones. Vitamins A, D and K will help you. Exercise boosts testosterone exercise is useful for more than just losing weight. It can also help increase testosterone production. When you stretch your body and train your muscles, you promote natural testosterone, which naturally lowers the level of estrogen in the body and leads to ever smaller breasts! Conclusion Male breasts are no joke, although you may have heard more than one in your day. An enlarged chest size for a man can be embarrassing or truly humiliating, especially in hot weather, when for many it goes without saying that without a shirt. Following the above steps can help reverse the process and restore your male form!

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