Gynecomastia surgery and male breast treatment

Gynecomastia Surgery – What Are The Risks?

Gynecomastia (which is commonly referred to as Man Boobs) is a condition in which there are excessive fatty deposits in the pectoral area causing the chest area to look puffy or bloated, sometimes to a womanly degree. A great percentage, some experts claim around 40%, suffer from Gynecomastia in various degrees of severity. This condition

Each Year thousands of man turn to plastic surgery in order to reduce the amount of fat on their chest. And while this is considered a common procedure, there are several risks involved which should be taken into consideration before undergoing Gynecomastia plastic surgery:

Each side of the chest is treated separately during the surgery and it is common to have an asymmetry between the two sides with one side flatter than the other or with one nipple lower than the second one.

Gynecomastia surgery may require the removal of some skin and tissue. If this is indeed the case, the patient will have a scar across his chest. If the skin and tissue removal are minimal this scar may be almost invisible, but if not, a nasty scar may remain.

Some deformities may appear in the chest during the convalescence stag. These may include bumps, dents, wrinkles and other deformities. Take into account that additional surgery may be required if such deformities occur.

Discolorationas well as dark spots may result from the liposuction which is performed in Gyencomastia plastic surgery. Some discoloration is temporary while some may be permanent.

Often the initial plastic surgery is not enough. Often too little fatty tissue is removed and certain puffiness remains in the pectoral area. In that case you will require an additional surgery which can only take place after you have recovered from the first one. Gynecomastia plastic surgery is a painful and filled with risks.