What Is Mastopexy?

Mastopexy, also called a breast lift, is an operation where a surgeon repositions your nipple higher on your chest wall. They also remove any excess skin and tighten the encompassing tissue.

If you’re considering a surgical breast lift, a method to ascertain if it’d assist you is to place a pencil under your breast and see if it stays there. If it does, a breast lift could be an option.

You may prefer to have this procedure if you’re bothered by the looks or feel of breasts that are droopy, flat, or have an areola that’s gotten larger. These effects can happen because of:

Weight change

Women usually get this procedure on an outpatient basis, meaning there is no overnight stay. It takes about 3 hours and is typically done under general anaesthesia .

Some women also get breast implants at an equivalent time as their breast lift.

Your surgeon should describe your options and explain the procedure intimately .

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How to Prepare for Mastopexy?

The first step is to consult a cosmetic surgeon . once you do, tell the surgeon what your goals are. If you’re also getting breast implants, bring photos showing the dimensions and shape of the breasts you want .

The surgeon will consider your health and describe your options. The surgeon should also explain the procedure intimately and re-evaluate the risks and what the recovery are going to be like.

Complications after breast lifts are relatively rare. the most three are bleeding, infection, and scarring. Your surgeon will offer you instructions for preparing which will help lower your risk of complications. Those instructions will include such things as not smoking, ensuring you’re off medications which will make bleeding more likely, and taking antibiotics if necessary.

You should also start planning for the recovery period. as an example , you’ll need to avoid work for a minimum of 4 to six weeks after your breast lift. If you’ve got young children, you’ll got to line up help.

What Happens During a Mastopexy Procedure?

You’ll get your breast lift during a hospital setting, an outpatient surgery center, or the doctor’s personal OR . you’ll meet with the anesthesiologist, surgeon, and nursing staff before the procedure.

The surgeon will mark the right position where your nipple will go. then , you will be delivered to the OR where you will get general anaesthesia or sedation.

The surgeon will remove extra skin and lift your breast tissue up into the right location. If you’re getting implants, the surgeon will insert them then close and bandage your breasts. you’ll have tiny drains in your breasts for twenty-four to 48 hours.

What to Expect During Mastopexy Recovery?

Your surgeon will remove the bandages and any drains during your follow-up visit on the primary or second day after your breast lift. The doctor also will check the nipple’s color and blood supply.

After the operation, expect to be uncomfortable for a couple of days. Your doctor will usually recommend that you simply wear a bra or have a special dressing in situ to supply the support you’ll need during your recovery. For the primary week, you’ll need pain medication.

If you’ve gotten breast implants, take care to avoid any impact to your chest, which could make the implant rupture.

In 2 to three weeks, your surgeon will remove all of your stitches. the dimensions and shape of the breast will still improve as time passes.

There could also be slight differences in symmetry between the 2 breasts. If so, your cosmetic surgeon will do alittle touch-up procedure to assist reposition the nipple as necessary. Minor adjustments are often made afterward .

During your recovery, it’s vital to limit your activity as directed by your surgeon and to report any side effects or problems you’re having directly . Any surgery has risks, including infection. With breast reduction surgery, permanent loss of sensation within the nipples or breast skin is extremely rare.

Mastopexy Risks and Complications

After you’ve got your breast lift, you’ll have:

Typically, these will fade over time. Changes in nipple or breast sensation. Usually, this comes back within a few of weeks, but it can sometimes be permanent.

Breasts that are different shapes or sizes. Sometimes, this is often because breasts heal at a special pace.

Loss of your nipple or areola. this is often rare, but can happen if the procedure causes blood loss to the world

How Much Does Mastopexy Cost?

Most breast lifts are considered cosmetic surgeries. insurance companies usually don’t cover them unless they’re done as a part of a mastectomy reconstruction.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the typical cost for the procedure is around Rs1,50,000. you’ll even have other costs for:

Post-surgical procedures
Surgeon fees
Hospital costs
Check with your insurance company beforehand so you’re clear on what costs you will need to pay.

How Does Mastopexy Affect Breastfeeding?

You can get a breast lift at any age after your breasts have finished developing. you’ll also get one before or after you’re pregnant. you’ll still be ready to breastfeed after a breast lift.

What Is the Long-Term Outlook for Women Who Have Breast Lift Surgery?

You’ll see results right after your surgery, but it can take a couple of months for your breasts to settle into their outcome .

Breast lift results won’t be permanent. It’s possible you’ll need another breast lift. In time, some women prefer to get a repeat breast lift as a “touch-up” procedure to enhance the general look of their breasts. But they’ll not need a full-length procedure.

It may help to retain your results longer by keeping a stable, healthy weight.

Pregnancy – during pregnancy, the breasts that support them become stretched and fuller. This stretch can contribute to sagging breasts after pregnancy.
Weight changes Weight changes result in breast stretching
You can even consider raising your chest when your chest is sagging, the nipples face the ground and the breasts are lower than the others.

Preparation for the breast lift
To prepare the breast lift, you must first consult the surgeon. Our surgeons wish to provide detailed information on the surgical process and the preparation of it. To prepare for the operation, you will be asked to:

Do laboratory tests
Take medication and present an anamnesis
Make a mammogram before the surgery
Avoid smoking, drinking and taking anti-inflammatories
Way of recovery

After the surgery, our surgeons will provide all the details about the drugs and ensure a faster recovery. You want to minimize the swelling during the recovery process. Plus, you want to take care of the surgeons for a few months. You can talk to our surgeon and ask him all your questions.

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