Male breast reduction for a flat breast

A large number of men suffer from gynecomastia or breast enlargement. Although most of them don’t talk about it, they shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help, as help in the form of breast reduction is available for men.

It is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon removes all the adipose and glandular tissue from the male breast to give the man a flat, firm and well-shaped breast. Excess skin is also removed if necessary; This decision is in a state of gynecomastia.

Best candidate

Not all men can have male breast reduction. You are eligible for surgery if you are both mentally stable and healthy. Age does not matter, but it is better to have a firm and elastic skin which quickly helps to maintain the new contours of man.

However, overweight men are not suitable candidates for the procedure, as they must first lose fat and exercise to correct gynecomastia without surgery.

Even men who use alcohol or smoke marijuana can only follow the procedure if they give up their bad habits. To top it off, it is necessary that the candidate has realistic expectations about the procedure in order to be considered a good candidate for male breast reduction.

The operation

In male breast reduction, the surgeon makes a skin incision either around the areola or in the armpits. This is to ensure that the scar is not noticed after the operation. This incision removes all unnecessary and excess glandular tissue and tissue from the breast.

The surgeon does this with a combination of liposuction and scalpel. If liposuction is used, the cannula should be inserted through the incision. If the doctor removes a lot of skin, it is possible that the scar develops very significantly.

Once all the oily and unwanted skin has been removed, the incisions are closed and then covered with a bandage. The surgeon then wraps the breast with an envelope to make sure the skin stays in place after the surgery.

Possible complications

As with any surgery, there are certain risks and complications associated with breast reduction in men. The most important are skin lesions, bleeding, infections, and excessive fluid loss. Sometimes complications from anesthesia can occur as anesthetics can trigger side effects.

Although male breast reduction leaves no visible scar, it is possible that the scar may become visible or dark. There is also a risk of asymmetrical breasts or nipples. If this is too obvious, you will need to have additional surgery to correct it. Any loss of feeling or numbness in the chest is temporary and should go away after a year.

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