Inverted Nipples Correction

How much does a Inverted Nipples Correction ?

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Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery in Mahabubabad

The nipple that turns inward into the breast instead of protruding outward is considered an inverted nipple or an inverted nipple. It can form due to a medical condition or a genetic condition. Medical conditions such as cancer, bacterial infections, Paget’s disease, etc. can turn a normal nipple into an inverted nipple. In such conditions, it is advisable to seek immediate medical attention as the inverted nipple may be a sign of an underlying abnormal condition. In cases such as a genetic abnormality, many women feel embarrassed for cosmetic reasons, even though it does not pose a health risk. In some cases, women find it difficult to feed their baby with an inverted nipple. There are many corrective procedures, but none are as long-lasting as corrective surgery. As a sister clinic of the best cosmetic surgery clinic, Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we can offer the best services in Mahabubabad for inverted nipple correction.

What causes an inverted nipple?

An inverted nipple can be a condition acquired during birth or develop at some point later in life. The main non-cancerous cause responsible for inverted nipples is milk duct ectasia. When the milk duct widens and thickens, it becomes clogged and causes fluid to build up in the breast.
The severity of nipple eversion is usually rated on a scale of 1 to 3. It is assessed by your surgeon who ultimately decides the best course of action.
  • Level 1: Also known as the “shy nipple”, the lowest level of inversion. This type of nipple responds to stimulation. It overtakes temporarily before returning to its old position.
  • Stage 2: It remains inverted all the time and withdraws without much resistance.
  • Stage 3: This is the most severe stage of inverted nipple. He does not respond to stimulation. This condition usually results from scarring or shrinkage of the tissues.
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 Causes of Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples often occur naturally. Babies are often born with inverted nipples. Nipples can also be inverted due to:
  • Traumatic fat necrosis
  • infections such as mastitis
  • tuberculosis
  • rapid weight loss
  • surgery on your chest
  • Paget’s disease of the chest
  • breast cancer

 Who can have inverted nipples?

Anyone can get inverted nipples, although they are more common in women. Because inverted nipples are considered a genetic trait, you are more likely to have them if someone else in your family already has them.

How do you know if you have inverted nipples?

If you suspect you have inverted nipples, be careful when it’s cold. Do they react by straightening up? Use the pinch test to see if your nipples are protruding or sunken. If you have any questions about your nipples, talk to your doctor for a formal diagnosis.

How are inverted nipples diagnosed?

Inverted nipples are usually identified by pediatricians during baby exams or when your child is going through puberty. Visual identification is sufficient for diagnosis, although a doctor can perform the “pinch test” mentioned above to see how the nipple is reacting.

Inverted nipples from birth are not a problem. However, if you or your child develop inverted nipples after puberty, cancer may be a cause for concern.

Treatments for inverted nipples

Since inverted nipples do not harm your body, no treatment is needed. If the appearance of your nipples bothers you, there are options that don’t involve surgery.

eversion devices

Since the most common reason women deal with inverted nipples is breastfeeding, most home remedies are geared towards breastfeeding. Still, they can help even if you’re not breastfeeding.

These remedies include:

  • Breast pump or modified syringe – These devices use suction to pull your nipple out. While most pumps are designed to extract milk from the breast, using a pump on a low setting can help improve the appearance of inverted nipples.
  • Nipple stimulation – Similar to the pinch test, pinch your areola about 1 inch and roll your nipple between your thumb and finger.
  • Back pressure – This method is the opposite of nipple stimulation. Instead of pinching the area around your nipple, you push the base of the nipple towards the chest wall to push out other tissues and fluids in your breast.

injection treatment

This treatment is very similar to applying botox fillers to the face and lips. Less invasive than surgery, hyaluronic acid fillers are injected into the skin behind the nipples to make them look more prominent. Although research suggests this treatment is effective, it doesn’t always work.

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How to treat an inverted nipple

A person may wish to change the shape of their nipple due to breastfeeding issues or for cosmetic reasons.

Speak to a doctor before trying the following methods:

Hoffman Technique: This is a manual exercise at home to extract the nipple. Place your thumbs on either side of the nipple at its base. Firmly press thumbs into breast tissue and gently separate. This should cause the nipple to point outward. How long it stays out varies from person to person.
Suction devices: These provide a non-invasive method of removing the nipple.
Piercings: A piercing can help keep the nipple erect.
Cosmetic surgery: Medical professionals can use various surgical procedures to change the shape of the nipple so that it faces outward.
With any procedure, the doctor aims to preserve normal nipple sensation, avoid visible scarring, and keep the milk duct functioning to allow breastfeeding.


Depending on the cause, cracked nipples can occur on one or both nipples. Symptoms can vary from person to person, but the hallmark is cracked, sore skin on the nipple or areola. It can also be accompanied by:
  • cracked and dry skin
  • open cracks that may ooze or bleed
  • redness
  • pains
  • crusty or scaly skin
  • scabs in the area

When should you see a doctor?

While most people can successfully treat a cracked nipple at home, there are times when it’s best to see a doctor. A doctor should diagnose symptoms that get worse or don’t go away with treatment.

A doctor should also examine very sore or irritated nipples that complicate a person’s daily life. Anyone showing signs of infection should see their doctor for proper treatment. Signs of infection include redness, swelling, warmth, and tenderness of the nipple and surrounding skin.

Women who have developed cracked nipples from breastfeeding may want to speak to a doctor or pediatrician for help. A specialist can give breastfeeding advice or refer the woman to a lactation coach.


There are several ways a person can reduce the risk of a nipple fissure:


Wearing lycras when surfing and bodyboarding is recommended to avoid chafing.
If nipple cracking is caused by friction during exercise, a person can try changing the type of cloth they wear or placing waterproof bandages on the nipples to reduce friction and prevent cracking.

Some runners, surfers and other athletes may find that applying an anti-chafing balm to their nipples before a workout can help reduce friction.

Many surfers and bodyboarders simply wear lycras or wetsuits to avoid chafing.

Tight-fitting clothes that wick sweat away from the body can help some. Athletes should absolutely wear a well-fitting sports bra to support their breasts and avoid unnecessary chafing.
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