Manboobs and How to Get Rid of Them

People often feel embarrassed at the mention of the words “manboobs” if they have them, and often will not take off their shirt in public or dare to go to the beach. There may be two reasons for unnaturally large man boobs. One reason may be due to a medical condition called “gynecomastia”. In this medical condition the body of the affected person produces more estrogen and less testosterone than normal. The second reason is due to being overweight and fortunately this is the more common reason for this abnormality in the vast majority of men.

If the development of the chest fat is taking place at a rapid pace then this could be due to gynecomastia. If the affected person suspects a medical reason then he should seek medical treatment from a qualified doctor to find out what can be done and possibly discuss options for surgery in extreme cases.

However if the man boobs are developing slowly and they appear to be gaining more weight over a period of time then the affected person should start looking at exercising more (if they are not already doing so). Training to build muscles specifically in the chest region works and can be targeted but our body loses or burns fat not from just one area but from all areas at a gradual pace so spot training to lose chest fat simply won’t work for most people. One will need to formulate a full body workout and stick to it to see slow results over time. The quickest way to convert fat into energy is doing cardiovascular exercises regularly such as aerobics, running, cycling, and working out on the cross trainer.

The person who is suffering from this condition due to being overweight should concentrate on eating healthy and nutritious foods as exercise is just one part of the cure. They must follow a balanced diet with proper intake of vitamins and nutrients. Incorporating more fruit and vegetables and lean meats and less alcohol, chocolates and sweets will go a long way to helping a person to get rid of manboobs.

You can purchase some dumbbells, a bar and a bench press from any sports store and set up a small workout area at home if you do not want to pay for going to a gym. By planning a routine that includes a lot of cardiovascular exercise combined with weight lifting, there is a good chance that you can get rid of manboobs altogether. Most gyms are equipped with a machine that focuses specifically on your upper chest, or you can focus on incline bench press. Focusing on this area to develop some muscle mass in the upper chest will tighten some of that flab around the nipples, but is advisable only with regular cardio as doing this on its own may have the effect of pushing out the fat further from the chest.

If you follow your specially developed workout religiously you will start to see change in as little as month and after a while the flabby chest fat will turn into muscle. You must remember that exercise and eating healthy are not once off events. They are a way of life and you must change your thinking and attitude for the positive if it is to be considered as a long term solution.