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Gynecomastia surgery cost Srikalahasti is a swelling that takes place in the breast tissue of both boys and men. It is commonly referred to as man boobs and although it certainly is a joke for many people, for those that suffer from it, it is no laughing matter. It comes as a byproduct of increased estrogen levels in males and it can occur for a number of different reasons. Unfortunately, there are very few things that can be done in order to treat this problem and at times, gynecomastia surgery is recommended.

There are two different types of gynecomastia surgery which can be performed. The first type is liposuction which is the removal of fat from the body through surgery. This is a fairly common procedure and many people have liposuction in order to remove belly fat. It is also possible to do this on your breasts as well. The second type of surgery which can be performed is a mastectomy. This is where the breast gland tissue is removed and is typically done through a series of small incisions so that scar tissue is at a minimum.

Although gynecomastia surgery is certainly one of the options that you can choose, there are other options which are doctor may discuss with you before you go this route. As with anything, it is always a better idea to get rid of something through natural means and to go with a surgical procedure. This is also the case when it comes to large male breasts

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