How to Lose Man Breasts - Your Chest Weight Loss

Ok, before we start, let’s make something clear, MAN BOOBS ARE NOT GENETIC. You can easily get rid of gynecomastia (male breasts enlargement) with the proper natural practices of balancing your body’s hormones for chest weight lose. How to lose man breasts is easy to accomplish, as long as you are committed to follow a specific set of 10 rules that I will quickly overview some.

Here are few of the practices that you definitely need to apply:

HIDDEN GROWTH HORMONES – To lose man boobs, half the battle is won by simply knowing what foods and activities you should prevent at all cost. Identifying and controlling your growth hormones will help you get halfway closer to your ultimate goal.

FOOD – You need to learn how to eat the right way, and I don’t mean by weighting your food and counting the number of calories in them. I’m talking about when to eat, what to eat and especially what NOT to eat, because some particular aliments program your body to keep your man boobs instead of reducing man boobs. Other aliments can be included in a cycle that transforms your body into a fat burning machine. And don’t worry, cheating is ok every once in a while.

BIG NO-NO – To lose man breast you definitely need to know what specific mistakes to prevent that can make your breasts stay permanently. You can read more about them in this at my website

EXERCISE – The fun part about this is that to lose man breasts you don’t need to workout for 1 or 2 hours, here I’m talking about only 15-30 MINUTES per day! Those are very specific powerful exercises designed to help lose man breast, or how I would call them, the man-boob killer exercises. Those short exercises are for the lazy (like me) and for those who want fast results.

SLEEP – Some men do major mistakes in their sleep. There are specific ways to sleep so that you will help prevent chest fat from increasing.

MOTIVATION – To lose man breasts you need a plan and stick to it. It’s not an overnight thing (well, it’s almost, because some results may be seen quickly if done right), and there are numerous ways to help stay motivated. One of the key elements of motivation is keeping yours Eyes on the Prize… and to do so you need a daily, weekly and monthly plan. Getting your hands on a plan is a must, because we all know the famous saying “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

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