How to Hide Man-Boobs

Resorting to surgery to treat gynecomastia is the most effective way to lose man boobs. However, gynecomastia surgery is very expensive and inconvenient. As a result, there are still men who suffers this condition prefer to temporarily hide them by using various styles of clothes. The following are some basic tips on how to hide man-boobs without going under the knife:

1. Wear a thin, white, tight undershirt before putting on a comfortable non-fitting T-shirt.

If your usual look includes wearing a simple T-shirt, do not worry about it. You can still be on your usual attire without being embarrassed. Simply wear a thin but tight undershirt. The undershirt will condense those floppy boobs and will also cover your puffing nipples. This idea however might give some discomfort as it may make you sweat excessively especially in a hot summer.

2. Use shirts with large prints on the chest area.

If the idea of an undershirt is not so comfortable, then try wearing shirts with large prints especially prominent in the chest area. The print will serve as a mask to hide your nipples at the same time it diverts the attention of an observant stranger.

3. Avoid wearing plain-colored or white polo shirt.

A plain colored or a white shirt makes the excess fat tissues and loose skin very noticeable. Some may even mistakenly think the presenting nipple as part of the shirt’s design which indeed is very embarrassing. If you really need to wear a plain-colored shirt, you may find it helpful to use a compression gynecomastia vest or a tight undershirt.

4. Do not wear clothes that has buttons on the chest area.

Buttoned clothes are very common for men. Some shirts with collar have buttons on the chest area. If you have man-boobs, wearing a suit like this will further enhance the awkward look of your chest. It is better to avoid using these types of clothes rather than being embarrassed.

5. Use Mid-thigh garment compression clothing.

This garment supports not only the chest area but also the abdomen. It is ideally used by sporty men with Gynecomastia in order to prevent straining of the chest muscles. It doesn’t impede circulation and is helpful in shaping the whole torso.

6. Use Compression Gynecomastia vest.

This is like a bra especially made for men with gynecomastia. It is made with breathable fabric which supports the chest and compresses the excess fat tissues and loose skin. It is more comfortable than wearing a tight undershirt because it covers only the chest area and not the whole torso.

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