Taking a Look at Man Boobs

Man boobs can be an extreme source of entertainment for members of the outside world. For the man who suffers from the condition, there is nothing to laugh about. Everyday life is wrought with obstacles like how to get out of a pool party invitation to wearing bulky sweaters in the heat of the summer.

It is a condition known as Gynecomastia in the medical world. It is common among males between the ages of 40 to 50 years old. Teenage boys are also prone to the development of man boobs. As the boys outgrow puberty the man boobs typically disappear. For many more men however, man boobs simply become a hated part of daily life.


There are no scientifically proven factors that the medical profession has been able to pinpoint as the cause of man boobs. Over time and evaluation of lifestyle, environment and general well being of men, it became apparent that there were some distinct causes at the root of man boob development.


First on the list is identifying the situation as being a medical condition known as Gynecomastia. In this instance, the male mammary glands grow to an unusually large size. As the glands increase in size so does the breast tissue. The end result is the development in boobs for a man. Treatment programs include prescription medications that counteract the high levels of estrogen present in a male body. Other medications are those that are used to treat female breast cancer. This doe not mean a man has cancer. It is simply an effective way to begin reducing the affects of excessive breast tissue in the body.

Food Products

Another possible cause of man boob development can be found in the surrounding environment and lifestyle of a man. In general, men consume more meat products than women do. There is an increasing risk of processed foods containing unknown chemical agents. One such chemical is female growth hormone. This is injected into meat and dairy cows to richen the quality of product given to consumers. Over time, the estrogen builds up in a man’s system as the levels of testosterone fall. This causes fat deposits which eventually turn into man boobs. This is a common cause in men who consume large portions of meat on a daily basis with no physical activity to reduce the effects of the meat consumption.


Population growth rates are surging in virtually every corner of the globe. With this rise in population comes the emission of toxins into the environment. When toxic chemicals from car exhausts and factory pipes are emitted into the air, it is injected into the body through the air that is breathed in. Research has indicted that the presence of toxins in the environment has a direct affect on the reduction of testosterone levels in males. Low testosterone levels mixed with high levels of estrogen result in the development of man boobs.

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