How To Cure Gynecomastia Without Surgery

Believe it or not, cosmetic and plastic surgeons have reported year on year rise in the number of men seeking surgeries to remove what is known as male breast or in medical term, gynecomastia. This means that more and more guys suffering from male breast syndrome are seeking for cures to get rid of their embarrassing condition. However, is surgery the only way to get rid of gynecomastia?

Unknown to most people, the gynecomastia syndrome affects up to 40% of men in varying degrees. This is especially so during puberty age when hormones are particularly active. However as the boys grow up and their hormonal output stabilize, most of them will outgrow their gynecomastia symptoms as their breast size returns to normal. The problem is that for the unlucky ones, their male breast problem stays with them even as they reach adulthood.

Cosmetic surgeons usually uses liposuction to remove the fat from the male breast to make it look flatter and more aesthetically pleasing. But this only solves part of the problem because more complicated surgeries may be required as the symptoms may involve enlarged mammary glands with angry puffy nipples.

So for these types of symptoms, it is not merely the extra fat in the breast area that has to be removed but hormonal adjustments and therapies may be required because of the patient’s hormonal imbalances in the form of having too much estrogen over the male hormone testosterone. So can this condition be cured without surgery?

In order to get rid of gynecomastia effectively, the hormonal imbalances must be addressed adequately. That is to increase testosterone and reduce estrogen production naturally, failing which, testosterone therapy may be required.

So how do you increase your body’s natural production of testosterone? Well, start with an intensive exercise workout program. This is because testosterone production commensurates directly with the level of muscular stress during your workouts. In other words, the more intensive your workouts, the more testosterone you will naturally produce.

Therefore, train with weights using compound exercises to stimulate more muscle stress. Compound exercises are movements that involve two or more joints such as squats and dead lifts. Workout your entire body instead of just concentrating on your glamor muscles like your biceps.

Also, do more incline bench presses as this exercise hit your upper chest harder and thus will help you to have a broader chest that will help you to hold up your chest better giving the illusion of a firmer chest.

If you are a drinker, give up alcohol completely as alcohol is known to depress testosterone production and thus leaving the estrogens to wreak havoc on your body. Also, avoid soy products as soy protein is also known to raise estrogen levels.

The best part about raising your testosterone level is to increase your sexual activities. This is because having sex increases your production of oxytocin which in turn increases the production of endorphin and thereby raising your testosterone level naturally.

Having enough sleep is also another way of increasing your testosterone production. When you sleep, your body is repairing itself from the day’s stress and many hormones including human growth hormones and testosterone are released for this purpose. Furthermore, insufficient sleep causes a spike cortisol production which depresses testosterone production.

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