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What Causes Man Boobs And What You Can Do To Deal With It

Women are not the only ones who naturally develop boobs. There are some men who actually have women-like bosoms. This is a condition known as Gynecomastia and it affects about 30% of human males. For some, this is not really a matter of concern, while others wish they do not have man boobs at all. The first step in getting rid of the problem is to know what causes man boobs. Knowing the causes first will help in determining which treatment will be most suitable.

Overweight/Lack Of Exercise

Overweight men usually have excess fat in their chest and thus appear to have man boobs. Those who do not have adequate exercise or physical activities might even have worse problems. The problem here is that chest fat can be stubborn to remove, despite exercising to shift fats from other parts or areas of the body. However, it is not necessarily impossible to remove. You simply need to invest more patience in performing exercises especially for removing chest fat.

Improper Diet

Eating unhealthy and fatty foods can lead to the growth of man boobs. However, fatty foods are not the only culprits. A man probably does not know that there are some foods in his diet that naturally increases the estrogen level in his body and/or reduce his testosterone levels. Thus, the womanly characteristic of having a bosom manifests in his body. Foods that are known to have estrogen effects are soy protein, red meat, wine and beer. Apparently, you need to keep your diet in check so you can eliminate foods that cause your bosom issues.


This factor is something that might be unavoidable. If developing man boobs or if being overweight is a natural occurrence in your family tree, then you have higher risks of Gynecomastia. If these facts are known, you could then perform necessary adjustments and steps to lessen the appearance of bigger chest.

Levels Of Hormones

As mentioned earlier about diet, estrogen has an effect on the development of male bosom. Estrogen is the female hormone responsible in the appearance of womanly attributes like bigger bust. If a man has excess level of estrogen in his body, Gynecomastia will occur. One way to lower level of estrogen is to pay attention to your diet. You know you need to avoid foods that cause estrogen level to increase. Combat growth of your chest by including appropriate foods to your diet: foods that increase testosterone (male hormone). Examples of these foods are cruciferous vegetables, complex carbohydrates and high fiber vegetables and fruits.

Health Conditions

There could also be some medical and health issues you have that interfere with normal production of testosterone. One is Klinefelter syndrome or insufficiency of the pituitary gland. Another medical condition is presence of tumor in the adrenal/pituitary glands, testes, etc. Hyperthyroidism is also another health condition that causes appearance of bigger chest. Here, the thyroid gland excessively produces thyroxine that may lead to liver/kidney failure that causes changes in hormone levels.


Use of some prescription drugs can often lead to male boobs. The use of anabolic steroids can also cause the same problem. Steroids can produce too much amounts of testosterone that only ends up being converted to estrogen. Thus, it is sometimes usual to see male bosoms in athletes and bodybuilders who take these steroids. Some prescription drugs that cause the problem are Furosemide (for edema or excessive fluid accumulation), Digoxin (for heart failure) and Spironolactone (for hypertension and more). Risks of developing a man boob are higher if these medications are prescribed to be used simultaneously.

  • Breathed breast tissue
  • Tenderness of the chest
  • When should I see a doctor?
  • Consult your doctor if you:
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Nipple discharge in one or both breasts

Our Breast Reduction Surgery helps you to

1.Reduce weight and improve your health profile by removing excess fat and glandular tissues
2.Reshape your chest to resemble normal male chest
3.Create a chest with fine tonality and tautness
4.Give your chest a chiseled look
5.Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure
6.You undergo the Breast Reduction Surgery procedure under general anesthesia that involves
7.Removing excess fat and glandular tissues from the chest through incisions
8.Reshaping the chest by trimming and texturing the excess skin
9.Suturing the incisions
10.Providing post operative treatment

  • Grade 1 Small Enlargement, but without excess skin over the chest
  • Grade 2 Moderate Enlargement, but without excess skin over the chest
  • Grade 3 Moderate Enlargement with extra skin over the chest
  • Grade 4 Marked Enlargement with extra skin over the chest

The side effects include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising at some part of the chest
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Numbness
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