Help, I've Got Man Boobs - Is Surgery The Only Way?

If you’re a man who’s in his prime and has seen your chest go from looking male to looking more at home on a sexy woman, it must be embarrassing and shame making. In short, you’ve got man boobs. You might think that your only option is go head to the plastic surgeon for removal via surgical means.

One thing many men aren’t aware of is that not all man boobs are the same. There are actually two distinct types: gynecomastia and pseudo-gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a hormonal condition where a man’s testosterone to estrogen levels become unbalanced, and the glandular tissue on a man’s chest grows to resemble breasts. Whereas pseudo-gynecomastia is related to a man’s weight. When a man becomes overweight or obese fat builds up over the chest that looks similar to breasts.

But, don’t worry, while surgery is an option in extreme cases or if you want a quick fix, it is possible to get rid of your man breasts via natural means. The best way to naturally lose your man boobs is through a combination of diet and exercise. You might have tried exercise in the past and found it wasn’t effective, but chances are you weren’t following the correct way to exercise.

Of course, there are cases where surgery might be the preferred way to get rid of the man boobs. It really depends on the type: if you’ve got gynecomastia and you’ve exhausted the treatment options, surgery might be recommended. But, even in those cases diet and exercise can help or at least lead to a man having a healthier lifestyle, and thus better health. This is because exercise can help raise a man’s testosterone levels, thereby helping to counteract the hormonal imbalance.

So, if diet and exercise is the best way, what exactly does that involve? Well, the emphasis should be on a whole lifestyle change, rather than some short-term, quick fix strategy that sees you back to square one: with man boobs again. This will involve a healthy diet and regular exercise.

The diet will be a healthy one, similar to what most nutritionists recommend. Eat lots of veggies, some lean protein (chicken, fish, legumes, etc.), some complex carbohydrates like whole grains. The important thing is to try to stay away from processed foods. And, try limiting the amount of alcohol you drink, as along with being full of empty calories, it is also has a detrimental effect on a man’s testosterone level.

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