Gynecomastia is a cosmetic condition in which a man develops deposits of excessive chest fat. The pectoral area appears bloated and puffy, creating a distinctive unmasculine look. In many cases, the chest is so fatty that it resembles a female’s breasts. Gynecomastia, which is also called man boobs, does not pose any serious health risks and is generally not considered a disease. But Gynecomastia can have a devastating effect on a man’s social and sex life, and his self-esteem.

The sad truth is that most women find man boobs to be unattractive if not outright repulsive. The sadder truth is that a lot of men fail to do something about their Gynecomastia and resign themselves to the embarrassment and misery involved.

A few years ago, ongoing research into the development of an oral supplement for the elimination of Gynecomastia has finally born fruit. Today, there are pills which you can use to treat your Gynecomastia. The most prominent pill on the market today is called Gynexin. Gynexin has a reported success rate of over 90%. There are other pills, like Gynetab, which claim to reduce your man boobs, but they are so new that little or no research has been made as to how good they are and whether they have dangerous side effects, so I cannot vouch for their effectiveness.

Gynecomastia pills work by targeting the fatty deposits in a man’s chest area. The pills dissolve the fat in your chest, thereby reducing and finally eliminating your man boobs. It usually takes anywhere between 3 – 6 months to achieve optimal results, though your chest will appear firmer and flatter in 3 – 6 weeks.

Gynecomastia has many causes, some of which have not yet been understood to their full extent by science. Therefore, Gynecomastia pills may not provide a cure for every man out there who suffers from man boobs, but it does to most of them. Many more will see an improvement in their Gynecomastia if not a complete elimination of it.