Lose Your Man Boobs - Eat Your Way to a Flat Chest

Names like Dolly Patron, Pamela Anderson, and Gemma Atkinson have occupied male mental spaces for many light years, and not without reason. Though the above women have nothing much in common, the immediate images that an average male brain can conjure up are of the ‘stand-out’ feature common to the three – their boobs. After all, one primary contributor to their popularity is the size and shape of the flaunt-able female protrusion called the ‘boobs’ which has been the reason of sexual objectification of many million men. And women who have them, flaunt them, which even the have-nots too try to do with push-up, layering, fake boobs and at the extreme, silicon implants.

Luckily men do not have to suffer that pain of being put through the scalpel and are happy with the status of being flat-breasted-have-nots though not all. And those men with boobs do not flaunt them; after all, male boobs are symbols of shame and might create reasons for low self esteem. Hence man boobs are most often covered with clothing which would not reveal the shape or size of it. Those who are conscious of their man boobs either try all the tricks they can think to loose fat in that area or simply deny the existence and aren’t bothered. Gynecomastia or male boobs is actually a very common condition, which almost 60% of all men face at some point in their lifetime. Boys in their teens passing through the pains and pleasures of puberty are most often faced with a queer pain under the nipples which after a few days hardens into a lump. In most cases the lump would last for a month or for a longer time, but would dissolve or vanish after the intense hormonal changes taking place during puberty subsides.

But in some cases the symptoms might give way to gynecomastia. Older men are prone to gynecomastia because the levels of testosterone begin to drop off with age. The primary cause of man boobs is most often hormonal, while lack of exercise and over eating might also add up to accentuate the condition. There are not many treatments for man boobs and none to solve the problem overnight. There are costly surgical cures to removing man boobs which not all can afford and the recovery could be painful. Stats reveal that less than 5% of men suffer gynecomastia which cannot be cured through natural remedies or medication, for whom male breast reduction surgery is the only option.

Luckily, there are some relatively little known treatments that employ natural techniques which have been specifically designed to control and moderate hormonal imbalances through a step-by-step process designed to help bring the body back into a balance which in turn can greatly aid in reducing the size of man boobs in a matter of a month or even less. This treatment for man boobs offers a more logical approach through right eating habits, food to avoid, a minor exercise schedule that would barely take 15 or 20 minutes of your time every day – in short it is more like ‘eat your way to a chiseled flat chest’ and that too well within the span of 30 days.

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