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Overdeveloped breast tissues, also known as gynecomastia surgery cost Gudivada, is the most common breast abnormalities amongst male in our current society. The true meaning of the word “Gynecomastia” comes from the greek word, gyne which means woman and mastos, meaning breast. This condition mostly occurs during the adolescence due to the hormonal changes during this period. Usually the condition is just temporary. In normal conditions, the symptoms will subside in 1 to 2 years.

In many cases, the condition can also occur after puberty and amongst elderly men. It is characterized by a firm and tender mass situated beneath the areola. The initial symptoms are usually pain and tenderness.

There are predisposing and precipitating factors that might lead to gynecomastia. First, we have the hormonal changes during puberty. Second, it can also be the side effects of a particular drug. Third, it is often the side effect of diseases such as chronic liver disease, tumors and a genetic disorder called Klinefelter’s syndrome and Gilbert’s syndrome. Fourth, it is due to poor diet and exercise.

Hormonal Changes Gynecomastia cost Gudivada

At this stage, extreme changes of hormones are one of the causes of gyncomastia, this is usually very common amongst adolescents. This abrupt change of hormones could cause excess glandular breast tissues. In normal circumstances, the excess breast tissues will disappear in a year or two.

Side Effects of a Drug gynecomastia Gudivada

In adult men, gynecomastia can be the result or the side effects of a certain medication. Medications like: digitalis, reserpin, ergotamine, ranitidine, phenytoin and several anti-psychotic drugs. Most of these drugs increase the secretion of prolactin which is also essential for breast formation among women.

Genetic Predisposition gynecomastia cost Gudivada

There are also innocent children who are born with hypogonadism and Klinefelter’s syndrome. These diseases usually produce insufficient testosterone levels for the body therefore there would be hormonal imbalance and increase risk for having more prolactin and estrogen hormones that would cause formation of breast tissues.

Chronic Conditions

There are also several chronic conditions that might lead to gynecomastia. One example is chronic liver disease. Chronic liver disease could cause gynecomastia since it also disrupts the body’s normal metabolism. It causes several hormonal imbalance and increase chances of edema or water retention in the body.

Diet gynecomastia surgery cost Gudivada

Diet also causes gynecomastia. As the world is becoming modernized and instant foods are rampant, gynecomastia is becoming a serious problem among males. Most instant foods are rich in fats and carbohydrates. These nutrients are often responsible for obesity and fat formation beneath the breast. Therefore, in order to avoid gynecomastia, an individual must also have regular exercises to burn fats and avoid it from storing inside the body. gynecomastia surgery cost Gudivada

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