Gynecomastia removal has several advantages. These include:

o Your confidence level and self-esteem is increased. This makes it possible for you to succeed in your work place and to have better relationships since you will not have performance anxiety.
o You will be happier since you will not be self-conscious.
o You will be able to socialize better since you will not shy away from removing your shirt and having fun.

However, despite these and other advantages of getting rid of man boobs, you should be aware of the disadvantages of various methods of gynecomastia removal. This will help you choose the best method of removal or to decide you are better off living with your boobs. Note that male breasts do not pose a health risk and so there is no need risking your life to remove them.

1. Surgical removal of man boobs is risky

Surgical removal of man boobs has several risks.

o You could die on the operating table since you are euthanized for the procedure.
o There is a risk of getting an infection since the procedure is invasive.
o The procedure is painful and is accompanied by swelling and irritation.

2. Psychological risks of losing man boobs

There are real psychological risks of losing your boobs.

o You will under a lot of pressure since you will not be sure whether the procedure will work and whether you will be safe.
o Society views plastic surgery as wastefulness and so you will feel like you have wasted your money.

3. Exercising and dieting may not always work

There is a risk of wasting your time and money when you exercise or go on a diet. This is because gynecomastia removal by exercising and dieting does not work if the cause of the man boobs hormonal imbalance, an underlying medical condition, or a congenital problem.

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