Unless a man is intentionally going for sex change, men do not want breasts and even feel embarrassed at the mention of the words if they have them. Male breasts happen for two main reasons. One reason is due to a medical condition known as gynecomastia, in which the body develops and produces more estrogen and less testosterone than normal. The second reason which is very common is due to being overweight. Read below to see the treatment options for gynecomastia.

1. Look for or find out the cause of your man boobs. If they have been growing slowly as you have been gaining more weight and exercising less, then it is most probably due to being overweight, so move on to the rest of the steps. If they have come on more quickly, it could be due to gynecomastia as a result of a medication or some other reason. If you suspect a medical reason at all, look for medical advice and treatment from a physician.

2. Eat more healthy nutrients and less junkie ones. There are some diets out there and monolithic amount of information on eating right. It can be overwhelming, either follow one of the diets which have been around longer or educate yourself on what kinds of nutritional things you should be looking for.

3. Find cardiovascular exercises to do on a regular basis. Anything like trotting or jogging, walking, using ellipticals or treadmills or anything else that will give you a good cardio exercise will work just fine.

4. Strength-train your pectoralises. You can perform butterflies with bench presses, dumbbells and inclines using a push-up and a bar. These will not remove or get rid of the man boobs by themselves, but combined with proper eating and cardio work, they will stimulate the process of getting rid of the man breast and supersede them with some solid pectoralises.