A Complete Guide To The Male Brest Reduction Surgery

There is no known cause, which has been detected for triggering Gynecomastia. Men who are suffering from this problem can become extremely self-conscious about their appearance. Thus, the breast reduction surgery is the only effective way to get out of the embarrassing situation.

What is Male Breast Reduction?

This is a surgical procedure which has been designed for redefining the contours of the chest to enhance the masculine appearance. Depending upon the severity of Gynecomastia, the surgical treatment may vary. Surgical treatment for Gynecomastia is divided into 2 major categories: liposuction and direct excision. The procedure generally involves the removal of excess fat or glandular tissue from the breasts.

Reasons for Picking the Surgery:

The following are some common reasons why a lot of people are going for the Male Breast Reduction surgery.

The experience of going through a physical discomfort.
You have a good skin elasticity which can help you to get the full benefit out of the procedure.
You have already tried to follow a balanced diet and a routine of a few physical exercises.
You are not too fond of alcoholic beverages.
For the overweight people, Gynecomastia can actually be a huge problem. But, if you are not among them then this surgery can be the only option for you.
Who can be an Ideal Candidate for the Surgery?

The ideal candidates for the procedure are the men who are relatively healthy. The people who are bothered about their physical appearance can also be an ideal candidate for the surgery. However, there might be some medical problems which are the triggering factors of Gynecomastia, so think about consulting your family physician before going for the surgery.

Procedure of Gynecomastia:

The main objective of this technique is to correct the deformities of male breasts along with contouring the size. Surgical options include liposuction, excision or a combination of both approaches.

During the surgical procedure, a small incision of 5mm is made at the sides of the areola. Although, the length of the incision highly depends upon your anatomy. Following liposuction, the glandular tissue from the overlying areola is pulled through the incision. The major advantage of this procedure is the smaller incision. The surgery is conducted under a local anesthesia.

Your surgeon is the one who has the capacity of recommending the best type of anesthesia for you. But, local anesthesia along with intravenous sedation can be the best option for you.

Recovery Time:

The advanced technology used in the surgery helps the patients to lessen the recovery period. No overnight stay is needed after male breast reduction surgery. Once the surgery is completed, you will recover fully from the effects of anesthesia. Leaving the hospital on the same day of your surgery is not a big deal. In order to enhance the healing, your doctor will prescribe you a few instructions on how to take care of yourself.

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