Male Breast Reduction For a Flat Chest

A large number of men suffer from gynecomastia or enlarged breasts. Though most of them don’t talk about this, they should not be ashamed to ask for help as there is help available in the form of male breast reduction surgery.

This is a surgical procedure where the surgeon removes all the fat and glandular tissue in the male breast to give the man a flat, firm and well-contoured chest. If required, excess skin too is removed; this decision lies on the state of the gynecomastia.

Best candidate

Not all men can undergo male breast reduction. You are eligible for the surgery if you are both psychologically stable and healthy. Age is not a matter however it is better if you have firm and elastic skin that quickly helps gain the man’s new contours.

However obese men who are overweight are not suitable candidates for the procedure as they have to first lose fat and do some exercise to try and rectify the gynecomastia without any surgery.

Even men who consume alcohol or smoke marijuana cannot undergo the procedure until they stop their bad habits. To top it all, it is necessary that the candidate have realistic expectations from the procedure to be considered a good candidate for male breast reduction.

The surgery

The male breast reduction surgery involves the surgeon making a skin incision either around the areola or in the underarm region. This is to ensure the scar is not noticed after surgery. It is through this incision that all the unnecessary and excess fat and glandular tissue in the breast is removed.

The surgeon does this using a combination of liposuction and a scalpel. When liposuction is used, the cannula has to be inserted through the incision and in case the doctor removes lots of skin, there is a chance of the scar growing very noticeable.

Once all the fat and unwanted skin is removed, the incisions are closed and then covered using a dressing. This done, the surgeon then covers the chest with a wrap to ensure the skin stays firmly in place after the surgery.

Possible complications

Like any surgery, there are some risks and complications associated with male breast reduction, the main ones being skin injury, bleeding, infection and excessive fluid loss. Sometimes there may also be anesthesia related complications as anesthetic substances can trigger unwanted effects.

While male breast reduction does not leave noticeable scars, there is a chance of the scar getting visible or dark. There is also a risk of ending up with asymmetrical breasts or nipples; if this is too obvious, you once again have to undergo an additional surgery to rectify it. Any loss of sensation or numbness in the breast is temporary, and should disappear after a year.

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