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Enlarged male breasts affect over 40% and up to 60% of all men in society today. Gynecomastia surgery cost chilakaluripet has probably always been a problem for adult men but has gained international exposure over the last few years mainly due to television and comedians. This is unfortunate for male breast sufferers because they become the subject of many insensitive jokes. There are many ways to treat gynecomastia including surgery, exercise, diet and adding gynecomastia herbs to your diet.

The techniques that I just mentioned in the previous paragraph were presented in the order of decreasing difficulty and convenience. Surgery is expensive and is also a very painful process. In addition, it is very difficult to hide. If you take medical leave from work, your manager and coworkers will find out about your condition. They may not have recognized that you had gynecomastia up until this point. Exercise is another option, but this requires a lot of motivation and persistence, but it will work if you commit to it. Dieting will also work but also requires a significant amount of self motivation.

So let me get straight to the point. One of the gynecomastia herbs that you can add to your diet for treatment is green tea. Green tea can be used as an effective aid for gynecomastia. Both industry and academic studies have shown that the polyphenols and caffeine contained in green tea favorably increases the rate at which the body burns up calories which causes the metabolic rate to increase.

The scientific studies have shown that the metabolic rate of the body can be increased by up to 4% from just consuming green tea every day. This is amazing information for those of us out there like me who hates exercising with a passion. Therefore, green tea is one of the gynecomastia herbs that you can add to your diet to treat the condition.

So I have let the cat out of the bag. If you are tired of your gynecomastia, get it taken care of for once. If you are wondering where you can find green tea extract, don’t worry because there are natural supplements on the market that contain green tea in them. If you would like to learn more about an effective natural supplement containing gynecomastia herbs, visit the website below.

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