What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is an operation to get rid of extra fat, tissue, and skin from your breasts.If you have got large breasts that are out of proportion to remainder of your body and causing neck pain, back pain, or other symptoms, you will be considering breast reduction surgery.

Most women who get breast reduction are very satisfied with their results. Men with conditions like gynecomastia (in which male breasts are abnormally enlarged) can also have it.

Because it’s operation , you ought to know the advantages , potential complications, and what’s involved in recovery.

Breast Reduction Surgery Consultation

Before the surgery, you’ll meet together with your surgeon to speak about your medical record , including whether you’ve had a lump faraway from your breast or have the other medical conditions that affect your breasts. Your surgeon also will ask about your family’s medical record .

Be completely open with the surgeon about your medical record and why you would like a breast reduction. Be prepared to debate any emotional issues you’ve addressed regarding your breasts, how your breasts have physically felt to you, and any physical conditions you’ve had.

The surgeon may take photos of your breasts, measure them, and talk with you about what proportion breast tissue will got to be removed to realize your goal. you’ll also study preparing for the surgery and planning for your recovery. you’ll get a mammogram and breast exam before the surgery.

During your consultation, your surgeon will ask about your habits, including whether you smoke and what medications you’re taking . you’ll need to quit smoking for a period before and after surgery to make sure proper healing. you furthermore may may need to stop taking certain medications, including aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs like Motrin or Aleve. Your surgeon will offer you instructions about what you would like to try do

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How to Prepare for Breast Reduction Surgery?

You need to be in the good physical shape to make certain you heal the way you ought to , so follow your surgeon’s instructions before and after breast reduction surgery.

Before surgery, get your home ready for recovery. Have this stuff on hand:

Plenty of ice

Gauze and clean washcloths and towels

Loose, comfortable shirts

Special ointments or creams which was recommended by your surgeon for the incision sites

You should also plan for somebody to drive you home and stick with you for a minimum of the primary night after the procedure, if you are not staying within the hospital.

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

Depending on your case, you would possibly have breast reduction surgery in an outpatient facility, otherwise you may need to occupy least one night within the hospital. In either case, you’ll get general anaesthesia , which suggests you’ll be put to ” sleep” during the procedure.

Breast reduction surgery will take about 2 to five hours, sometimes longer.

Your surgeon could use one among a couple of surgery methods, counting on the form and size of your breasts, what proportion tissue they have to get rid of , and the way you would like to seem after surgery:

Liposuction. The surgeon will make small cuts in your skin and insert a skinny tube connected to a vacuum that suctions fat and fluids from your breast. this feature is best for little reductions and for people whose skin will “snap back” into place.

Vertical or “lollipop.”This method is for moderate breast reductions and visual sagging. The surgeon will make cuts around your areola and right down to the crease beneath your breast, remove extra tissue and fat, reshape the breast, and lift it.

Inverted-T or “anchor. ”The surgeon will make cuts round the fringe of the areola, from the areola to the breast crease, and along the crease underneath the breast. this sort of surgery is best for giant reductions and for people that have tons of sagging or unevenness.

Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

Expect to require a minimum of every week faraway from work or school afterward. Some people need a few of weeks, but each situation varies. Your surgeon will give instructions to you on follow up appointments for removing bandages and stitches.

While you recover, you will need to prevent physical activity for a minimum of a month after surgery.

After the surgery, you ought to expect to feel tired and to possess breast pain. Your surgeon will offer you an oral painkiller to ease you thru the primary few days. you ought to also avoid work .

Some people have an emotional reaction, like feeling depressed, after the surgery. which will be normal, but confirm you tell your doctor about all of your concerns.

Breast Reduction Surgery Risks and Complications

Scars are a traditional side effect of breast reduction surgery. These scars will fade over time but will never get away completely. they could be worse if you lift heavy objects timely after surgery.

Other possible problems include:


Loss of feeling in your breasts or nipples, which might be brief or long-term

Side effects of the medication to assist you sleep during surgery (anesthesia)


Blood clots

Swelling and bruising

Damage to nerves, blood vessels, and other parts of your body

The need for more surgery

Rarely, certain complications, like inadequate healing of the nipple area, may require a skin .

Contact your doctor directly

At the primary sign of infection, including redness, tenderness or unusual swelling at the surgical site, or fever

If you’ve got any unusual discharge from the incision site (including pus)

If any of the stitches begin before you’re thanks to have them removed

Breast Reduction Surgery Costs

Experts estimate that breast reduction surgery can range from around Rs/-55000 to quite 60000.In most cases, insurance covers breast reduction surgery. Because breast reduction is taken into account reconstructive, your chances of getting coverage are good. But you want to make certain to follow all the procedures set forth by your policy.

Your surgeon can send a letter with photos of your breasts and details about your physical symptoms. Get in-tuned together with your health insurer early so you recognize exactly what they’re going to buy . for instance , will insurance cover such things as lab costs or anesthesiologist fees? Asking beforehand will help prevent surprises after the surgery.

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