Breast reduction surgery is done to remove excess fat from the breast area, to achieve normal and reduction in the size of breasts fitting to your body figure. Many women feel discomfort while carrying huge busts. So the best way is to undergo breast reduction surgery from expert surgeons.

Also known as the Breast Reduction Mammoplasty where excess fat, glandular tissue and skin is removed to alleviate the discomfort. Women with inappropriately large breasts can face both physical and emotional distress in many stances. Many patients may also have macromastia making physical discomfort with the weight of the breasts. This can result into pain in many cases.

It is not necessary that the patient with macromastia undergo the surgery, but many who feel the size is large then their body structure can also undergo the surgery.

Who is the right candidate?

Not every woman can undergo this surgery, but only who is facing discomfort with large size. The right candidate for breast reduction surgery is-

  • Having good health
  • Realistic expectations
  • Don’t smoke
  • Having breasts that limits the physical activity
  • Have shoulder indentations from bra straps

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