Gynecomastia surgery cost Proddatur is a condition, which is characterized with the growth of abnormally huge mammary glands in males, which results in breast enlargement. Such a condition may occur physiologically in neonates, in adolescence, as well as in the elderly. In case of adolescent boys such a condition is generally a source of great distress. However, for a majority of boys whose Gynecomastia is not a result of obesity, such breast development disappears as they grow. The reason for common Gynecomastia still remains uncertain, although the condition has usually been related to an imbalance of the sex hormones or tissues responsiveness to them. Breast prominence may result from hypertrophy of the breast tissues, chest adipose tissues and skin, and is usually a combination.

Gynecomastia isn’t physically harmful. However, in certain cases it may be an indicator of some other serious underlying conditions. The growing glandular tissues, typically from some hormonal stimulation, are usually tender or painful. More over it may frequently present social as well as psychological issues for the sufferer. In cases where the condition is triggered by obesity, weight loss may alter the condition. However, losing weight would not lower the glandular component. Apart from that, patients can’t target specific areas for weight loss. More over, massive weight loss may lead to sagging tissues around the chest. Growing awareness in regard to such a condition, apart from a rising urge among males to look nothing but the best, has resulted in several treatment options for getting rid of this condition. Gynecomastia surgery Proddatur

When it comes to treatment, it is always better to focus on the underlying cause of such condition, for effective treatment. Patients must consult their doctor, for revising any medications, which may be the reason behind development of such a condition. An alternative medication may be found easily, which avoids side-effects of gynecomastia, while still treating the main condition. Male Breast surgery cost Proddatur