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Gynecomastia surgery cost in palwancha – If you are self conscious and want to maintain a good physique, development of man-breasts can be a nightmare. However, this is a clinical condition where the mammary glands in males are abnormally developed; and can also lead sometimes to secretion of milk. Clinically it is termed as gynecomastia.

The term is derived from the Greek word “gyne” meaning woman and “mastos” meaning breast; put together to mean women like breasts. In this case the breast in men are over developed, and often visible through the shirts or tees, sometimes even result in production of milk.

No wonder any average men suffering from this anomaly will look for effective ways to reduce man breasts. But before we discuss the remedies to reduce man breasts, let us have a quick look at the causes of gynecomastia.

Causes of Gynecomastia Palwancha:

There is no specific age to develop man boobs, gynecomastia can strike at any age. You can develop it at infancy, at puberty or in the older age. But whatever might be the age, the result is exactly the same, flabby women like breasts which are visible through the clothes and put you into a position of ridicule.

Most common causes of gynecomastia are using drugs that are composed of hormone, decrease in production of testosterone, increased intakes of serum estrogen, chronic renal problem and chronic hepatic disease.

Some antibiotics have also been recognized as a cause for development of man breasts. An injury in Spinal cord can also trigger this problem. As man breasts are a result of fatty tissues, Obesity and overweight can also be one of the major causes.

Ways to reduce man breasts Palwancha:

But whatever may be the cause, you need not lose hope. There are lots of remedies available in the market, to help you reduce man breasts. Some targeted exercises around the chest area works very well if the cause is obesity; however, they are of little effect if the cause is hormonal. Another effective way is cosmetic surgery; but, it is painful, and highly expensive.

The third option is medicine. There are lots of medicines available in the shops; some are chemical while others are herbal supplements. Chemical remedies, even though fast acting, are not preferred by the most patients due to their adverse side effects, which can be as bad as the problem itself. On the other hand, herbal remedies are with little or no side effects, and have very high success rates.

One of such drugs is Gynexin. It is an herbal remedy for the men suffering from gynecomastia or the man-breasts problem. Gynexin has been one of the leading companies of the world for more than 6 years for the herbal remedies for gynecomastia. The formula of Gynexin hits directly the fatty cells in the mammary glands to reduce them.

Specialized drugs and herbal remedies such as Gynexin has brought new hopes for those who wants to reduce man breasts effectively and permanently to lead a confident and socially active life.

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