Gynecomastia Problems

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Gynecomastia Ongole is that condition where a male develops female breasts due to certain causes. It affects males of different ages, from puberty, early adulthood and even older men. And no matter what the age will be for every victim, one thing is for sure – it gives them that feeling of being emasculated. So let’s take a look at who these patients are, and what factors lead them to suffer this condition. Here are 5 types of gynecomastia patients. Which one are you?

1. Unwilling to Diet and Too Lazy to Exercise

Those males who are not watching their diet and gorge up on tasty but high cholesterol foods are attracting fats to take refuge on their chests. If you have an affinity for fast-food meals then you are also risking yourself to grow those feminine contours.

You only worsen your condition when you are also too lazy to perform regular exercises. This prevents you from burning all those excess fats and calories.

So don’t be surprised when you see your chest starting to take shape, and your friends start taunting you to wear a bra. When you just live a sedentary lifestyle, you are bound to pile up some fatty tissues. This type of gynecomastia is what is referred to as pseudogynecomastia.

2. Hormonal Problems – Gynecomastia surgery in Ongole

Men who experience hormonal imbalances also tend to develop female breasts. In the event that you’re testosterone decreases and your supposedly minute amounts of estrogen increase, is when you see this feminine change on your chest. For this type of patients physicians would prescribe them with medications that will restore the normal balance of their hormones.

3. Too Eager to Buff Up

If you are that person who wants to get those beefy muscles and chiselled physique then you may have meddled with stuff like protein shakes and steroids. These are effective ways to hasten the results and give you that rock hard body you want. 

However this type of vanity comes with a price. Since protein shakes (especially those containing soy), and steroids have estrogenic effects, this will stimulate those feminine characteristics to come out. Unfortunately for guys, it can develop on your chest.

So if you want to avoid the humiliating side effects, why not choose the clean and honest way of toning up! Steer clear of enhancers, instead of looking masculine; you might end up looking the total opposite!

4. On Medications Gynecomastia surgery Ongole

There are also some individuals who develop gynecomastia due to the medications they are taking. Unfortunately as much as they may be for therapeutic purposes, they also have with them some accompanying side effects, one of which is gynecomastia. These medications include antipsychotics, tricyclic antidepressants, some cardiac drugs (digitalis), diuretics (spironolactone)and H2-receptor antagonists (Tagamet).

5. Meddlers with Illegal Drugs

For those individuals who like to love their lives on the edge and use recreational drugs. They are also making themselves in developing gynecomastia. Marijuana in particular is a drug that if used repeatedly can make one vulnerable to developing Male Breast surgery cost Ongole.