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Gynecomastia surgery cost Mancherial – which is also known as man boobs, is a condition which many men suffer from. Gynecomastia is a cause of great embarrassment for men as those who suffer from it appear as if they have swollen, sometimes even feminine breasts.

Many men, seeking to get rid of their Gynecomastia turn to cosmetic surgery.

Gynecomastia surgery has become popular in recent years as more and more doctors recognized the enormous financial opportunity involved. Gynecomastia surgery involves liposuction in which excess fat is sucked out of the patient’s chest, thereby reducing the sheer swollen size of the breasts. Often, the patient undergoes surgical reshapement of the chest in which the chest is made to look flatter.

Gynecomastia surgery costs anywhere between 15,000 – 50,000. The cost varies according to the following criteria:

1. Location – Some areas are more expensive than others. Expect to spend more on having surgery in Telangana City than in many other cities. This isn’t an iron clad rule, but it is generally true.

2. Experience – The more experienced, successful and prestigious the surgeon and the clinic in which he or she works, the higher the price will be. Often, it is worth paying the extra cash in order to have a more experienced doctor work on you. Remember, you’re having surgery. This is a dangerous procedure with many risks. Have the best doctor do it.

3. Extent of Surgery – Some men with Gynecomastia have it worse than others. The extent of surgery is determined by how much excess fat is present in the patient’s chest and the degree of reshapement of the chest which is required. The more extensive the surgery, the higher the cost.

The bad thing is that this expensive surgery often isn’t covered by medical insurance. Before you do decide to have surgery know that you may have a much less expensive solution to your man boobs such (even 95% less costly) as Gynecomastia surgery cost Mancherial pills or focused diet and fitness programs