4 Gynecomastia Reduction Tips

There are certain health conditions that just aren’t discussed out in the open. One such condition that many do not discuss out of sheer embarrassment is gynecomastia. This condition is quite common in men whereby they may develop breasts as they age or gain weight. This is very difficult for men to cope with, and yet it exists as a majority of the plastic surgery procedures that men have done.

Due to the fact that many men want discreet for this problem and want to get the help that they need quickly, cosmetic surgery for it has become a popular method. Though plastic surgery can most definitely help to get rid of man boobs, so too can some other measures that a man can handle on his own. Here are a few tips that can help a man to cope with and get rid of this all too common condition.


Before you take any measures, you need to confirm that it is in fact gynecomastia that you have. It’s quite common to have this condition confused with pseudo-gynecomastia whereby fat deposits that can be eliminated or removed with proper diet and exercise. So before you go in for surgery, you definitely want to determine if you have the actual condition or not. You can determine this on your own by pinching the fat underneath the nipple. If you find it to be hard, then it may very well be gynecomastia that you have. If however it feels soft or like other skin found on your body, then it may be pseudo-gynecomasita that you are dealing with. You want to start by doing this on your own and it always helps to have a professional opinion as well before you do anything.

Resistance Training

If you are looking for an effective way of reducing your man boobs, then resistance training can be of great help. These exercises will help to increase the density of muscles that affect or cause this condition. If we have more muscle mass then we are sure to have a better metabolic rate and our bodies will burn fat quickly and easily. This all helps with man boobs because the condition is caused by a hormonal imbalance. The resistance training exercises will help to increase testosterone and this is what will ultimately burn fat and balance out the hormones in our bodies.

Cut the Alcohol

Though many men don’t obviously realize it, alcohol consumption can help to contribute to the man boob development. Since alcohol increases the levels of the female hormone, estrogen, you start to see how this condition develops. With the excess calories that alcohol provides as well as the weight gain that it causes, it is a big contributor to the development of man boobs. So the more you can cut back on your alcohol consumption, the more you can reduce the appearance of man boobs.

Improve Your Diet

Eating more fruits and vegetables which are high in alkaline can help to naturally regular hormones. Foods that are rich in proteins can help to build muscle mass and ultimately help your body to naturally process food and fat much better.

These tips will help to reduce your man boobs naturally. It is essential to have a professional opinion though if you feel your condition is in fact gynecomastia. Try handling things on your own, and if all else fails then the right plastic surgery procedure can work wonders.