How to Lose Man Boobs The 3 Mistakes They All Make

Various researches have been conducted to determine effective ways for males to lose their man boobs, or what some call “moobs” for short. Some research has been determined as effective while others have been considered less than mythical. Procedures that have been recommended with validity or without have included surgery, exercise, liquid intakes, sleep patterns, diet, and herbal remedies.

Different people have claimed that each of these procedures have worked for them or someone that they know. Exercise has been proven to work for idiopathic gynecomastia or for enlarged breasts that are a result of obesity. Upper body exercises increase the blood flow to the chest which can help to rid the problem of man boobs but will not work alone. Drinking a lot of liquids is also beneficial because the body must be kept well hydrated. Plenty of liquids aid the digestive system which helps eliminate the amount of fat that your body stores.

Now some people have claimed that proper and plentiful sleep patterns also assist in ridding unsightly man boobs. There has been no valid research to prove this but there are claims that exist that by getting at least 8 hours of quality sleep each night will help the man boobs disappear. Still most agree that diet is the core of defeat.

Fiber is an extremely important factor when it comes to a healthy diet. Fiber aids in the digestive system and can be added easily by eating foods that are high in fiber such as apples. Keeping your diet high in fiber and low in fat will result in weight loss throughout the body but it will include the enlarged breast area too.

Supplements have been known to help a few lose their man boobs but you have to be careful what you take and make sure that it does not negatively interact with any other medications that you might be taking. Gynexen Alpha Formula is probably been known to be the most effective so far but the thing that scares many people about herbs and natural supplements is that they require no testing by the FDA. Another concern embracing the supplements and herbal cures is the possibility of allergic reactions. Basically how Gynexen Alpha Formula claims to work is by the active ingredient, Guggulsterones which claims to boost thyroid activity and regulates cholesterol levels. Because this is not FDA approved, it is unlikely that you would find out that Guggulsterones might increase the LDL levels in the blood and that could be linked to heart disease.

Another alternative to rid you of your man boobs that is, costly, uncomfortable, but guaranteed is surgery. Many people prefer to use this as a last option approach but it is only if you have a few thousand bucks to spare. The surgery consists of a few snips and tucks and a little liposuction, you go home the same day and can return to work within 2 weeks depending on the type of job that you do.

A more natural approach that doesn’t involve surgery or supplements is the Chest Coach System. This system is developed by a former man boob sufferer who used all natural means to get rid of his man boobs. Given the fact that the cost of surgery is costly and generally not covered by insurance, it’s worth seeking out these types of natural solutions.

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