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Male Breast Reduction - Male Breast Reduction Without the Dangers of Surgery

Many people think that the only real way for male breast reduction is to get surgery and take out the fatty breast tissue that is causing the problem. While this may feel like a logical final solution to an embarrassing problem, it comes with its own set of dangers and aggravations.

What I have found in researching this issue is that reducing the appearance of male breasts can be achieved in many different ways, and that surgery should be a final solution because of the costs associated with it. Even if you have felt that the financial burdens are not as heavy as the emotional ones, you should be aware that without the right kind of nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, even with surgery, male breasts can come back into your life.

The financial impact

The majority of insurance providers do not cover gynecomastia surgery for men because it is considered cosmetic surgery, and therefore not a necessity. The cost of a good gynecomastia surgeon can be over $5,000, with the average being anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000. If you are dead set on surgery, it must be advised that this is an area where bargain shopping is not a good idea.

The Physical Impact

Although this type of surgery is not a major type of surgery, there are still complications that happen, which means there are dangers. Among the dangers found are scarring around the breast and nipple, because they must remove the nipples during surgery there are instances of uneven nipple and breast placement after surgery, blood clots, excessive bleeding during and post surgery for up to 4 weeks, soreness, and inflammation. After surgery, it is also advised that a compression vest be worn for up to a month or longer.

The Alternatives

There are alternatives to male breast reduction surgery. Among them are gynecomastia pills, gynecomastia product guides, and sculpting under-shirts. The issue with gynecomastia pills is that they simply do not work that well, and sculpting shirts only mask the problem rather than solve it.

What has been found is that there are products that detail the correct type of exercises (which is not thousands of push-ups) and nutrition that can cure gynecomastia. These products detail the hormonal causes of gynecomastia and by correctly handling the hormonal imbalance in your body you can get rid of the issues causing the appearance of fatty breast tissue at its root.

The only dangers with this direction is navigating through all of the online myths and claims and actually finding a program that works on both a nutritional and physical level.

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