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Gynecomastia is an unnatural or abnormal breast growth in males. Gynecomastia surgery cost Chittoor It always occurs in teens due to the hormonal changes which happen at the time of puberty. The condition will reverse in about ninety percent of teenage boys. Other causes of gynecomastia are genetic abnormality, corpulency, steroid use, side effects from medicines or illegal drugs and hormonal imbalances. Though the condition is not serious many men are embarrassed by their size and shape and seek for treatment. 

Read below to learn about Gynecomastia male breast surgery cost Chittoor.

1. Slim down or lose weight. The breast tissue is mostly made up of fatty tissue. Being corpulent can create gynecomastia in some men. Losing weight may lower and reduce the condition. Talk about weight loss goals with your physician. See a nutritionist to know more about healthy eating habits. After approval from your physician start and maintain an exercise program.

2. Change the medicines you are using. Your physician will determine if gynecomastia happened due to a side effect of some medications. Alternative medicines may be available which will reduce breast growth but still treat the medical condition it was prescribed for.

3. Put on or wear a compression garment. Many men may decide against other treatment options and decide to live with the condition. Compression or densification garments can be bought in a medical supply store or online. They are worn under the clothes and minimize the appearance of the breasts.

4. Take medicines to handle or treat a hormonal problem. Some men may be helped by anti-estrogen medicines. Your physician may order a hormone panel to be completed to determine if an imbalance is causing gynecomastia.