When talking about the Gynecomastia surgery Anakapalle, many people wonder what exactly this surgical procedure involves. Men want to know what happens during the surgery as a means of correcting their man boobs.

By technicality, the gynecomastia surgery is also known as the reduction mammaplasty since a person with full-fledged gynecomastia had overdeveloped mammary glands. Since all humans start off existence as the female gender then right before they are born the second chromosome kicks in determining if the person will be a male. Because of this reason, all humans have mammary glands regardless if they can give birth to a child or not. Gynecomastia Anakapalle

The goal of this surgery is to fix the grown mammary gland as well as remove any excess fat build up so that the person ends up with that “just left the gym” pectoral look to their breasts. Starting off the procedure, the patient will undergo anesthesia because there will be incisions, blood, tools and hands fiddling around under the skin to remedy the condition. The anesthetic can either be general anesthesia or even an intravenous sedation which is usually based on any history of anesthesia complications. Your surgeon will choose the best option for your procedure.

In the event that there is excess fat, a liposuction technique will first be done so as to leave the region freely visible so the surgeon can remedy the glandular growth easier. There will be a series of incision at this point in order to allow the surgeon to insert the cannula which is the tool used for delivering the chemicals that will help dissolve the fat as well as ducking out that fat after it is loosened up.

Then if the glands have in fact developed when they were not supposed to an excision will be performed to literally cut out and remove these mammary glands. In many cases there is only fat buildup and the excision does not need to be performed but in the event that it does, then the recovery period may lengthen slightly as well as the surgeon will also have to make several more incisions as well as remove some skin after removing the glands.